In 2017, Braskem partnered with Topsoe AS, the world leader in solutions and technologies for the production of energy-efficient fuels and chemicals, to develop the innovative technology behind the conversion of sugar into bio-MEG and bio-MPG on a demonstration scale. Resulting from the technological cooperation between the two companies, the first bio-MEG samples on demonstration scale were produced in 2020


Business plan includes the construction of three industrial plants 


The business plan envisages the construction of three industrial plants, with the first unit planned to be operational in 2027, taking advantage of market opportunities and feedstock availability. Sustainea is working to define the plant’s location, taking into account technical, business, and sustainability aspects.The expectation in the business plan is that in the future the 3 plants will have a combined production capacity of up to 700,000 tons per year of bio-MEG.

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Conventional fossil meg process

  1. OIL
  4. EO
  5. Biomeg

Bio-MEG Process

  1. SUGAR
  2. Biomeg
  3. Biomeg