Origin Materials, Inc. (“Origin,” “Origin Materials,” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: ORGN, ORGNW), the world’s leading carbon negative materials company with a mission to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials, and Sustainea Bioglycols (“Sustainea”), a joint venture between Braskem (NYSE: BAK) and Sojitz Corporation, today announced a strategic partnership centered on advanced bio-based materials produced using Origin’s technology platform and Sustainea’s bio-based glycol products and market expertise.

As part of the partnership, Sustainea signed two multi-year capacity reservation agreements to purchase renewable chemicals from Origin Materials, including bio-based PTA and bio-based FDCA. PTA is a fundamental feedstock for a broad variety of market applications, including PET polyester packaging, textiles, clothing, plastics, car parts, tires, carpeting, and toys. FDCA is a raw material whose commercial applications include surfactants, epoxy resins, and the next-gen polymer PEF (polyethylene furanoate).

“We are very excited to join forces with Origin on the pathway to a low carbon future,” stated Gustavo Sergi, CEO of Sustainea. “Bringing to the market bioMEG and bioPET has always been our ambition and the partnership with Origin represents an important step towards this goal. The polyester and PET markets grow 3.5 million tons every year, so we have an important mission to develop our operation to supply the industry as soon as possible. From textiles to bottles, our bioMEG and bioPET will be there to be quickly absorbed by the market as a drop-in solution. Finally, these biopolymers are not only bio-based but also fully recyclable. This will contribute to a circular economy and to the reduction of CO2 emissions.”

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