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Our raw material of the future

Formulated with state-of-the-art technology and renewable raw materials, such as plant carbohydrates, bioMEG (monoethylene glycol) and bioMPG (monopropylene glycol) are the next generation of chemicals under development.

Commercial-scale production, scheduled for the coming years, and easy applicability by a range of industries, will drive the market towards a low-carbon and increasingly sustainable economy.


Used mainly by the packaging and textile sectors, MEG is a raw material used for manufacturing PET, an essential product for manufacturing beverage bottles, textiles, and various types of packaging.

Main applications

Beverage bottles


Polyester fibers


MPG is a raw material used in a wide range of industrial products, including unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), in addition to applications aimed at the cosmetics and personal care markets, for example.

Main applications

Civil construction

Industrial use

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Together, we want to
transform ideas into
high-impact solutions

We are a joint venture formed by two large, global companies committed to sustainability and the low-carbon economy.

Our goal with Sustainea Bioglycols is to facilitate a true sustainable revolution by offering innovative and plant-based chemical products, and by reducing the carbon footprint of our production process.

In 2017, Braskem began a technological cooperation project with Topsoe , a leading provider of catalysts, technology, and services in the chemical and refining industry. This partnership resulted in an innovative technology that is in the final development stages and will enable the large-scale production of bioMEG and bioMPG by Sustainea.

Headquartered in the United States, with an office in São Paulo, Brazil, Sustainea has a team of Braskem and Sojitz professionals with in-depth knowledge of the chemical industry and the creation and sale of sustainable solutions.

A team that combines the capacity for collaborative innovation with enthusiasm and an open mind to expand possibilities in a world that increasingly demands new ways of thinking and acting.

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